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In highly mathematical courses, in particular, it's a necessity that students should do tricky math problems and complicated projects. These are mostly painstaking tasks that exhaust your brain, "swallow" your free time and diminish your ability to do other homework.

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Our math experts can solve even the trickiest questions and do the hardest tasks in Mathematics. They've handled the most difficult math problems and equations.

What was the toughest Mathematics assignment ever during your studies?

Scroll through 13 deadly subject topics that cause students the most pain, when it comes to studying Mathematics:

  1. Number Theory
  2. Algebraic Geometry
  3. Category Theory
  4. Mathematical Physics
  5. Topology
  6. Optimization Theory
  7. Inverse Problem Theory
  8. Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
  9. Mixed Finite Element methods
  10. Numerical Linear Algebra
  11. Manifold Theory
  12. Functions of a Real Variable
  13. Abstract Algebra

Of course, number theory tops our list of the most challenging areas in Mathematics, because it has so many tough and unsolved problems. Take Goldbach's conjecture or Fermat's Last Theorem, for example.

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