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Top 20 Chemistry Project and PowerPoint Presentation Topics

In spite of the fact that lab reports are universal and routine tasks, when it comes to exact sciences, students also get extra homework in the form of individual projects and presentations in Chemistry.

Grab the below listing of the top 10 topic suggestions for a Chemistry project or PowerPoint presentation:

  1. COVID-19 from the Perspective of Chemical Science
  2. Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Their Impact on Climate Change
  3. The Differences between Atoms, Molecules, Elements and Compounds
  4. Safety Precautions for Chemists Working in Labs
  5. Chemical Bonds: Ionic Bonding and Covalent Bonding
  6. Pharmaceutical Compounds in Drinking Water
  7. Ozone: Polluter or Protector
  8. International Year of Chemistry Periodic Table Project
  9. Crystal Experiments: 7 Ways to Grow Crystals at Home
  10. Smart Clothing for Medical and Military Applications
  11. How Artificial Leaf Can Generate Chemical Fuel from Sunlight
  12. The Biochemistry of Hair Pigmentation
  13. Diamonds: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications
  14. The Chemical Properties of Coffee Beans and Their Relation to Coffee Flavor
  15. Chemical Insect Repellents: Efficacy and Toxicity
  16. Electrochemical Cells and Their Types
  17. The Relation between Chemistry and Nanotechnology
  18. The Chemistry of Smells
  19. The Development of Hydrocarbon Chemistry
  20. Shining a Light on Fingerprint Detection
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Chemistry Homework FAQs

Clearly, you've got some more concerns about buying papers in Chemistry. Find the most typical questions and answers to them below.

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