Prices and Discounts

Have you even had "You Pay and Fail" experience?

Wondering what is it? Then you are lucky.

But not all are so lucky.

Let us explain:

Sometimes, when you want to order assignment, you decide to find the most appropriate place. In a variety of custom writing services, it is very easy to become attracted by low prices and big promises.

Unfortunately, it is even easier to regret using them after the bad experience - so much common experience among students who think that low price may be equal to great quality.

Don't let history repeat:

A good assignment writing service asks reasonable prices - but not dishonestly cheap.

Also, a good service will let you know all details of the offer - and no hidden charges are withdrawn in the end.

Here, at AssignmentWriting.Services, we are ready to work hard and provide excellent academic papers for great prices - both reasonable and cheap.

Deadline High School Undegraduate PhD
20 days $11 $14 $18
14 days $13 $16 $22
10 days $16 $18 $24
7 days $17 $20 $25
5 days $19 $22 $27
4 days $20 $24 $30
3 days $21 $26 $32
2 days $24 $28 $36
24 hours $25 $31 $40
12 hours $30 $34 $44
6 hours $36 $39 $48
3 hours $42 $46 $53
Deadline High School Undegraduate PhD
20 days $7 $8 $11
14 days $8 $9.6 $13
10 days $10 $11 $14
7 days $10 $12 $15
5 days $11 $13 $16
4 days $12 $14 $18
3 days $13 $16 $19
2 days $14 $17 $22
24 hours $15 $19 $24
12 hours $18 $20 $26
6 hours $22 $23 $29
3 hours $25 $28 $32
Deadline Writing from scratch Editing/proofreading
20 days $34 $20
14 days $38 $23
10 days $43 $26
7 days $49 $29
5 days $55 $33
4 days $58 $35
3 days $62 $37
2 days $69 $41
24 hours $76 $46
12 hours $84 $50
6 hours $93 $56
3 hours $102 $61

Pricing Policy

AssignmentWriting.Services follows a peculiar pricing policy - policy of great prices and exceptional quality. When you order academic assignment writing, you are sure that:

  • Your order will be finished within the deadline
  • You will receive a paper of exceptional quality
  • The quality of your paper justifies the price

Now a few words about our prices. As we have already mentioned, we follow the principle that prices may be both - reasonable and cheap.

How is that possible?

We charge a decent amount that will not influence the quality. Our starting price is $11 per page. And this amount works very well for two basic reasons:

  1. It's good enough to hire assignment writing expert who will be interested in writing an A+ paper.
  2. It's low enough so that every student can afford it without feeling like they will not eat for a week because of the fee.

The important thing about prices is that they may vary depending on several aspects. Thus, every time you need assignment writing help, we take into account the following:

  1. Type of assignment. For example, writing an essay does not need so much experience as writing dissertation or thesis. That's why prices vary depending on the type of paper and writing assignment topics first of all.
  2. Deadline. Deadlines matter significantly when it comes to telling you the price. The sooner you need the paper, the higher will be the payment.
  3. Number of pages. Everything is clear here, right? The more pages you need - the higher price you pay.
  4. Academic level. The last but not the least important aspect that influences the price for your paper. When you buy assignment, you tell us your academic level - Master, Sophomore, PhD or other. This is important for us to know in what manner to write your manner as far as every level has specific peculiarities that all our writers know.

So, these are the basic principles of our pricing policy. Everything is transparent and fair - you pay only for real things that influence the quality of paper. AssignmentWriting.Services guarantees that there are no hidden charges or unexpected expenses.

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The System of Discounts

The aim of the AssignmentWriting.Services is to make our services only better and clients - happier. When it comes to pricing, what can be better than a great system that lets our loyal customers save money and earn good grades?

We provide four types of discounts at our service.

You know what it means?

You have four great opportunities to save money.

  1. Lifetime discount. That's an awesome way to have discounts for all orders - always. We mean it. It works this way - you make order in a particular assignment writing format and receive an accumulative discount. This accumulative discount means that your discount will rise as you place more orders at our service. You have the chance to have up to 15% OFF.
  2. Seasonal discount. We are always happy to offer our customers seasonal discounts. But to get them, you have to watch our notices and take part is special offers for holiday - the result is 10% OFF.
  3. Referral discount. It works every time you bring a friend at our service. When your friend makes the first order - you both receive 5% OFF.
  4. Individual discount. If you have a really large paper, and your assignment writing style is challenging too, talk to our Support - there is always a chance they will give you an exclusive discount.

Get your A+ assignment writing and save money right now.